Activities for children

In addition to our outdoor pool and other local beach attractions there are lots of other things for children in the local area. Here is just a taste of what’s on offer.

Parc de Loisirs L’Ange Michel
The Leisure Park is on the other side of St Martin (10 minutes by car). As part of a day out here there is a picnic area. This offers great value for families for a fun day out in the lovely Valley de la Sélune.

The Zoo at Champrepus
The Champrepus Zoo offers a unique association between the animal and vegetation worlds. Animals evolve in real landscaped settings, for the pleasure of our senses. There are picinic facilities and restaurants all part of the landscaped setting. A great day out.

The Enchanted Village
North of Mortain – about 20 minutes ride from La Cahudiere you will find the enchanted village. This is a pleasant attraction oriented for the younger family. Situated in a large parkland it offers a variety of traditional attractions including a miniature railway, electric cars and a quaint fantasy land.

The Reptilarium (Alligator Bay) near Mt St Michel
This is a very popular place with families and you can combine it with a day out at Mt St Michel. There are over 200 alligators and crocodiles!

Saint-Malo aquarium
Could you imagine being in front of 8 magnificent sharks in a giant wraparound vision tank? Well perhaps not but there is a great tropical fish collection too. You can also take a trip in in the submarine Nautibus . There is a bar -restaurant, gift shop and a free car park.